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A Walk In The Art – Island Art 

I am an artist who is living on a remote island In the country of Panama.  Since moving here 18 months ago I have found my creative spark.  I paint or create almost every day which has been fantastic.  It Really helps to be in an great location and having wonderful scenery and supportive new friends.

Until recently have been actively working with watercolors, photography, and driftwood paintings.  Today I tried working with only electronic media.  No paper, no paints, no customary tactile feedback.  I chose to paint an image based on a photograph I recently took on the waterfront.  Although this image would have been perfect for watercolor I decided it was time to take the plunge into creating art with my new computer and pen.

Foggy Day In PanamaEquipment Used:         

  • Lenova Yoga 720
  • Active Pen
  • Adobe Fireworks

Note –  I could have used Photoshop, Illustrator or some alternative program but I chose this because I was already using it for another project.

Foggy Day In Panama


Image 1

I began with a wash using the watercolor stroke and various colors to establish the sky , horizon and foreground.


I then added the posts and beginning reflections from the dark reflections, medium tones and highlights.



Foggy Day In Panama 2



Image 2

With the base and most prominent reflections in place I added the 2 trees and  their reflections with the base of the porch.






Foggy Day In Panama 3



Image 3

The beginning blocking of the cabana and thatched roof with the dark deep shadow.Foggy Day In Panama 4








Image 4

Adding the deep shadow for the roof the door and more detail to the cabana and roof as well as shadowing and reflections under the cabana.






Foggy Day In Panama 5



Image 5

Developing the roof and thatching highlight strokes over the shadow.







Foggy Day In Panama 6


Image 6

I decided to raise the roof line and widen it.  I added a side building, detail under the dock and more development of the trees and shadows and details on the wood of the cabana with focus on dark contrast lines and the side.  I also worked on the horizon line and reflections in that area.




Foggy Day In Panama 7



Image 7

I added a bit more detail, reflections and shadowing as well as highlights and undertones to the trees.


I realized that the shadow for the tree on the right was the wrong way so in the last image look for that change.

I would also make sure to do some blending as well.


The Final Product!Foggy Day In PanamaOne of the best things I like about painting on the computer is the ability to erase and take chances that you might be hesitant to do on a paper drawing.   You can also increase your canvas sizes and re-position items  but once you have layered down the background that might be difficult.  I am sure once I start working in illustrator I can have many of these area on separate layers which would make moving items easier but I am not sure how well the blending will work.  This is definitely going to be a learning process for me.


  • I would make sure you start off with your image at 300 dpi.
  • Explore the different brushes, textures and transparencies.
  • Blend and make stand out sections pop with contrast or defining features.
  • Save as you go.  You can always back up but it is nice to have an image for various stages as I have shown here.

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